The Rise of Bike Theft Within Stapleton County

Addition of Bikes

On June 10th, a new bicycle shop opened right in the heart of Arborfield. The shop offers several bicycles that range in their performance, as well as a bike with 2 seats. Once the bicycle shop officially opened for business, the shop immediately began to fill with people wanting to get their greasy hands on a bike.

Bicycles were being sold left to right, and shortly after, the streets of Stapleton County went nearly 100% eco-friendly. The streets were filled with many bicycles. New gangs were formed solely revolving around bicycles.

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With the recent opening of the bicycle shop, everyone went nuts over it. There was even a drive-by shooting on a bicycle. Even criminals love them! Or maybe they just want to keep Stapleton County eco-friendly. There are some unfortunate downsides to the recent opening of the bicycle shop.

Bicycle Crime

Shooting, looting, theft, and violence! It’s become rampant in Stapleton County with the recent opening of the bicycle shop in Arborfield. Lately, more particularly a user going by the name of yeanlingspark99, has been committing drive-by shootings all across Stapleton County on his bicycle that he supposedly modified to make it go as fast as 45 SPS (we’re not sure how true this is).

“Bikes are very good to the game. They have enabled bike games, drive-bys and lots more new crimes. I have already put my bike in a boat, put it in capital gas and in a box truck. All this new act is very cool. Remember, everything can be used for criminals.”


We reached out to FBI Director Bjohn323 for a statement.

“Pound sand buddy, pound SAND!”


There have also been hundreds of reports of people having their bicycles stolen by rampant criminals. It’s advised that all residents of Stapleton County keep their bicycles secure and out of sight when parked in order to prevent them from being stolen.

The future of Stapleton County is looking bright. With these very first bicycles developed right in the heart of Arborfield, we can say for sure that Stapleton County is starting to become more eco-friendly.

Bicycle Gangs

It’s important to stay safe during these times. While there are many positives to bicycles, there’s also been a rise in bicycle gangs that have been harassing the residents of Stapleton County lately. It’s unknown why these individuals choose to provoke the residents, but law enforcement is doing everything they can to keep Stapleton County safe.

If you’re looking to purchase yourself a fancy new bicycle, you can find the bicycle shop in Arborfield, where there are bicycles ranging from the hundreds up to 1,500 FSD.

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