Bad Luck Strikes the Arborfield Farmers Once Again

During the afternoon of Sunday the 20th of November, the Stapleton County Fire Department and multiple News outlets were notified of a loud explosion at the Arborfield Farms barn, this horrifying attack has resulted in many Arborfield Farmers and Residents believing that this was conducted by the Impeached Governor AestheticallyHappy, just days after he was acquitted by the Senate.

COMPLETELY unacceptable what has happened to our city. i say on behalf of all our residents; thanks to apd for their exceptional leadership and handling of all city incidents, we send a message that NOTHING ruins the arborfield spirit.

B_aconxv, City of Arborfield Mayor

Images captured by Arborfield Resident ParrotChattin show an explosive device placed inside the interior of the Arborfield Barn, he says “little to no traces were left of the source of the explosion”, which shows that those involved were very experienced with the handling of explosives devices.

Quite scary

Faachiano, City of Arborfield Police Chief

This horrifying image shows the device that was found within the walls of the Arborfield barn, with the help of our analyst team, we have been able to come to the conclusion that these devices are allegedly by the Firestone National Guard. Adjutant General Antador has made no comment on these significant findings.

State of Firestone Governor AestheticallyHappy has been asked about these significant findings, however, we have received no statement from his office as of yet.

The City of Arborfield Mayor b_aconxv has reacted swiftly to these findings and has declared a City State of Emergency for a period of twenty-four hours, the Mayor has asked: “the State and County Government to send support to send assist our hard-working Police Officers defending our Citizens, and I ask that they comply with requests from the APD.”

Firestone Broadcasting Company will provide LIVE updates as we receive them.

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