Day in the Life of SCFD

This article provides an insight into the Stapleton County Fire Department & its operations from a ride-along experience conducted by bobgoblinbobgoblin

The Ride-along Experience

The ride-along began at 7:01 AM EST when paramedic Emergencyhq started the tour around the station showing me things like the kitchen, offices, and team meeting room. Soon after my tour, Firefighter-Paramedic Regularjoe44 arrived at the station.

After almost half an hour at 7:28 AM, Engine 35 and Medic 78 responded to a Fire Alarm at the Prominence hotels. The teamwork between these two employees was fantastic. The fire was swiftly taken out by Regularjoe44. There were no victims inside and no injuries reported by the SCFD staff.

“Fire safety, is something that is often neglected in Firestone. We have a lot of fire calls be it a car fire or structure fire. The most common house fires we experience are usually one or two story medium residential houses. Engine-35’s swift attack on the fire prevented extensive property damage. The fire seems to have started outside of the building and spread to the first floor, but it got knocked before it could advance further towards the government gas or engulf the entire building.”

Paramedic Emergencyhq
Photograph showcasing SCFD

SCFD Calls

While eating breakfast within the station, a fire alarm rang out at 7:52 AM, resulting in Medic 78 and Engine 35 responded to the Arborfield Motel.

When we arrived on the scene, the first-floor south side was in flames. The fire was quickly put out by 8:02 by Fire-Medic Regularjoe44. Luckily, no victims were reported by the Fire Department Staff. In the nick of time, Regularjoe44 was treated for First Degree Burns that he received from fighting the fire.

At approximately 8:29 AM a medical call was called, Fly 1, Medic 78, and Medic 73 responded to Fergies in to find the individual laying, completely unresponsive. He was found to have a head laceration. The paramedics established an IV and an IO. After pushing medicine, Medic 73 transported the patient to the Stapleton County Medical Center.

Photograph showcasing SCFD Ambulances

I’d like to thank Paramedic Emergencyhq, Firefighter-Paramedic Regularjoe44, and Critical Care Paramedic Nuttyboy987 for allowing this opportunity for an inside look into the day of the life of the Stapleton County Fire Department.

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