The July 8th Tanker Fiasco

On July 8th at approximately 10:00 PM EST, the Stapleton County Fire Department was notified of a possible tanker explosions at the Capital Gas of Firestone refinery in Redwood. While the incident unfolded, the Capital Gas of Firestone Public Affairs Director released a statement regarding the concerns for the facility.

Dear Capital Gas Customers,

The team here at Capital Gas is sad to report that three of our tanker trucks caught on fire at our Redwood Refinery Facility. We here at CGF pray for all the families of any employee who were involved in the incident. The Capital Gas of Firestone Safety Team will investigate this issue in the next couple of days. We would like to thank the response from the Stapleton County Fire Department for their swift response to the scene. If you have any questions or concerns don’t be afraid to contact my office.

StrategicResponses, Public Affairs Director
Captured by Faachiano

The Stapleton County Fire Department’s Public Information Office released a public incident report on July 10th with details on the situation. Within the public incident report, it was confirmed that there was no explosion. Instead, the tankers in question had fires in the engine bays.

it was soon determined that the tankers had not in fact ignited any explosion, but instead had fires in the engine bays.

Fire Medic PvPParasite, Public Information Officer

The Public Information Office’s incident report regarding the incident can be viewed here.

Once the fire was under control, Firefighters began a HAZMAT operation where it was determined that there was no leak from the tankers that had engine bay fires. As of the publishing of this article, the Capital Gas of Firestone Safety Team has not made any official release to the public.

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