Spark’s Snow Review

The Sparks Snow Experience

When arriving at Spark’s Snow, the location looked like a very convenient place to grab a quick snowcone, ice cream, or a drink. When entering, I was astonished by the cleanliness and nicely kept it was. I was immediately greeted by employee Puxished, who swiftly served me a blueberry snow cone that was quite delectable. It had a blueberry flavor all the way to the last bit of ice, with the perfect crunch and the right amount of blueberry. I was pleased with the opportunity to enjoy my snowcone with Yeanlingspark99, which, unfortunately, was interrupted by somebody who shot up the establishment.

The experience was really great! The staff is friendly, they have the best cold drinks, and ice cream there. The service was impressive the staff works very hard, they treat their customers with respect.

Customer Policecanar

My general experience at sparks snow has been amazing! My superiors are beyond amazing always treating me with care. If I were to choose between any of my jobs to go on it almost always Spark’s Snow!

Puxished, Spark’s Snow Employee

Overall Review

Next time you’re passing by, stop at Spark’s Snow a refreshing snow cone. I’ve never found such a good snowcone in Stapleton County. With the hot and dry days coming up, this is the perfect location to stop by and support local businesses. If you’re in a rush, you can use the drive-thru which is managed efficiently. Overall, the staff was extremely helpful and respectful, as employees ensured our purchases were correct and that the snow cone was spectacular.

5.0 rating
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